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FTBL Championship
Short description about the tournament rules

1. FTBL Championship is played in seven groups
(A, B1—B2, С1—С4). It is a pyramid-shaped structured tournament, with 8 players per group.

2. The duration of the tournament is 7 game days.

3. The goal is to collect during this time as much as possible The Best Manager points.

4. The final distribution of places in the table depends on the simple sum of manager points scored in a single tournament.

5. Promotion & Relegation.
All 8 participants drop from Group A. Of groups B1 and B2 4 players from each group rise to Group A, 2 drop to league C. From the groups C1-C4 one best participant from each group go up and 2 worst are eliminated from the tournament. The best players of the Challenger List come up in the place of relegated from Groups C1 - C4. This Challenger List is based on current standings in the Best Manager classification of the Fantasy Football game.

6. The best players of Group A win cash prizes:
1st place — 20 Reals
2nd place — 10 Reals
3rd place — 5 Reals
4th place — 3 Reals

Attention! Only those can get the prizes in Reals who at the time of the start of the Championship play in obligatory Double tournaments. Others will get prizes in playmoney at the Exchange Rate 100 000 PM for 1 Real.


Key words: GP - games played, W - wins, D - draws, L - loses, GD - goals difference, P - points.
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