Contract footballers in Brain-Football

To help your team that participates in different brain football, competitions, you can purchase one or a few contract football players.

1. Any manager can sign any footballer featured in the system date base. You can sign a few football players at once.

2. Contracts are distributed on the closed auction and according to its results manager a player is signed by the manager which outbids the competitor. If several managers make the same bid, then the manager who first made his bid signs the contract.

3. The auction lasts a week and it is plotted out into several everyday stages. The first stage of the auction takes place on Monday. On Tuesday and after days those players whose contracts were signed during the previous stages of the auction are removed from the bid. The last stage of every auction takes place on Sunday.

Note: After a manager has made his bid, he cannot refuse it or reduce the sum – a manager can lift his sum during the holding of the auction.

4. Each player can be contracted thrice by the same or different users for single value, double and triple ones. Start single price is equal to the current (at the time of the auction) rating of footballer, divided by 100. Double is two times and triple one is three times higher.

Note: The minimum starting bid is 0.1 Real – it is the "value" of any player with a rating not more than 1 point, including negative values. For the double bid minimum offer is 0.2, for the triple bid - 0.3 Reals.

What is the difference between single, double and triple contracted players? As for the team competition - the first ones count only in Super League, the second - in national Brain Leagues, and the third - in the FTBL League. Individual tournaments for these groups are different too. Single-contracted players take part in Сontracted Players Tournament (see below); double - in the ProCup,  triple - in their own Triple tournament.

5. When a contract is being signed, the sum claimed by manager gets charged off. Therefore, the sums of the biddings that didn’t result in signing a contract at the close of the auction return on managers’ account.

6. A player is signed from the moment he has signed his contract until the first stage of the next auction.

For example, the length of the contract which is signed according to the results of the auction on Monday is one week – from Tuesday through Monday. If a contract is signed on Saturday the length of the contract is two days – Sunday and Monday.

After the end of his contract the player becomes free and is available for new auction.

7. The system automatically identifies the best of your contract footballers every match day. The points of FTBL rating, scored by the player on that day, tenfold hit the account of your brain team. Negative rating is equal to nil. The points, scored by a contract footballer, divided by the coefficient of his manager’s role.

8. The points, scored by a contract footballer, will be displayed in the brain match protocol. When hovering the avatar of the player-manager, in the popup window you can see which contract football player “played” in a given match.

9. Contracted players on loan. Any manager who has signed a contract with the player also has the ability to loan him out to brain team mate. Procedure of renting and returning a contractor from the lease manager is in the In the "Contracted players" section of your blog, you can find out the terms of the loaning and terminating the loan of the player. It is not possible to loan the blocked player. Points of the contracted player on loan start counting at the inception of loan.

10. All managers who signed contracts with players participate in a Сontracted Players Tournament. Points won by contract footballers are summed up in the standings. According the results of everyday prize draw, 10 winners got shares of the prize fund.

Note: only points of the player with the best result for current day are taken into account in the tournament.

The prize fund is 85% of the auction profit and is distributed in the following way:

1 place - 30 %

2 place - 20 %

3 place - 15 %

4 place - 12 %

5 place - 8 %

6 place - 6 %

7 place - 4 %

8 place - 3 %

9 place - 1 %

10 place - 1%

11. Analogue of Сontracted Players Tournament for the "triple" contracted players is Triple tournament. It’s prize fund consists of 85 % of the profits of triple auction. Income distribution among the winners in the same way as in Сontracted Players Tournament.

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