What is the Fantasy Football?

The essence of the game is to prove yourself as a successful manager, buying promising players who will gain the maximum of rating points.

The successful team managers will receive prizes.

Register/authorize on site — and join the game!

How to begin playing

You can enter competition at any time. For that, indicate the base club around which your team will be formed. To choose your own base club use the search engine of the system (1).

Attention! Choosing a base team is a very important step. Inhereting the helm of the favorite team, you are to prove your football manager skills, but also you (with other supporters of your team) will take part in the Brain Football, new kind of sport also known as the Fans Championship.

How to create your fantasy team

Your full fantasy team squad (2) should include 23 players: 3 goalkeepers, 6 defenders, 8 midfielders, and 6 forwards. No more than 4 players should be part of the base team squad (as well as of any other team’s squad). To form a more promising squad, study the current day's fixtures and squads of teams that are going to play today. Use the green "Buy" button to sign a player, or the red "Sell" button to cash him.

Attention! The system will “block” a player 1,5 hours before the beginning of a match involving his team (including national teams if he is part of it); the player is “unblocked” after the end of the match and the recording of the match protocol in the system. Blocked players cannot be bought or sold.

Against whom and how do I compete?

With buying and selling players you earn ranking points. If you are one of six better players of your brain football team, you take part For them (euros) in the Super Cup tournament where you can gain real money. The prize fund is more than 200 euros, and there are tournaments every two weeks.

There is another way to turn your football knowledge into money - by earning prize points. With collecting 20,000 points you win a Superprize - powerful and stylish laptop.

You get this points for successful performance in the FTBL Championship, which is held every 15 days. But it is not the only way you can earn them.

First, it is Predictor.

Secondly, two fantasy football tournaments - Basic and Best Manager.

And the third source is Super League.

And finally, there is a third "currency" - playmoney. They can be for buying Legionnaires.

More details about all these events can be found on their pages in tabs "Rules" . Below we will talk about three "per se" fantasy football tournaments.

Basic tournament: beat two opponent teams at one time 

Signup (3) to a coming real-world match using the blue button under your fantasy team squad. You can choose a game from any of the national leagues tracked by the system, as well as big international club tournaments.

After the recording of all current game day's real-match protocols, the system calculates your team’s score. In fact, your fantasy team competes against the two teams participating in the match you chose: their score against you as many goals as they score each other in the real match. You score against them 1 goal for every 75 rating points earned by your team after signing up for the match.

In order words, your team plays 2 virtual matches. It receives 3 points for a win in each one, 1 point for a draw, and no points for a loss.

To compete in the Best manager tournament, you can play no virtual matches; all you need is to competently trade your players.

Important: You cannot cancel registration to a match.

Attention! Registration to a particular national team match will put limitations on the choice of the next game in the same league. For example, if in the last round of the English Premier League you chose the Arsenal – Manchester United game, that means neither gunners nor devils can participate in your next EPL game.

Attention! In case of cancellation of the chosen real match (or if it was postponed more than a day), fantasy football team earnes two technical victory in the virtual games.

Attention! Bonus

Make forecast for the upcoming match, and if you predict the number of goals scored by any of the teams, these goals will be added to your team's score!

For example, you have signed up for the final of the Europa League, Atletico Madrid (Madrid) – Fulham, and predicted the 3–1. Result of a real match: 2–1. This means that you have guessed the exact number of goals for Fulham (1), and with Atletico you could not do that. Thus, in the virtual matches against these teams to goals that you earn will be added 1 additional score.

Let us suppose that after selecting the game you score 160 rating points. That's 2 goals against both Atletico and Fulham. And with the bonus goals that means you have scored 2 + 1 = 3 goals to these teams.

Also, if you manage to guess the exact score, you would get 2 bonus goals (goals per guessed Atletico) + 1 bonus goal (for Fulham) = 3 additional goals! In fact, in this situation you do not even need to gain rating points to win these virtual games: 3 bonus goals would be quite enough.

Important: Bonus goals are awarded only if you guess the correct goals' number.

Attention! Predictor participants, please note: forecast sent to your chosen game is not included in the limit of 5 predictions that you can do every day. In other words, you get 1 extra prediction "ticket" for each match selected in fantasy football, but have to "fill" it immediately, not saving it for later and not changing the forecasted match..

Scheme of Basic and the Best Manager Tournaments


  1. Tournaments are held weekly.
  2. The bet in each of the tournaments is 10,000 playmoney. Thus only those participate in the tournament , who at the start of it have at least 20,000 playmoney. For the Basic Tournament, there is another limitation - it is necessary to play at least one virtual game during the previous month.
  3. Participants in each of the blind draw tournaments are divided into groups of 18 accounts and compete with each other within each group. Final distribution depends on the amount of points scored during the tournament.
  4. If the number of participants will not fold 18, the number of players in one of groups group is less than 18, but at least two. If the total number of players will fold 18 plus 1, the "extra" participantis added to one of the groups - it will consist of 19 players, all the rest - of 18.
  5. The distribution of the prize fund depends on the size of the group.
    • 2 players - winner takes all
    • from 3 to 6 participants - the first two places obtain respectively 65 and 35 percent
    • from 7 to 9 - the first three places receive respectively 50 , 30 and 20 percent
    • 10 or more participants - the first four obtain respectively 40, 30, 20 and 10 percent of the prize fund
    Thus , the winner of a standard group of 18 participants will receive 72,000 playmoney.
    In addition, players who take the first three places in each group receive prize points:
    • 1st place in the group 25 pp
    • 2nd place in the group 15 pp
    • 3rd place in the group 10 pp


Captain tournament

The system automatically assigns as the captain of your virtual team goalkeeper, defender or halfback with the highest amount of points at the end of gameday. Forwards cannot be assigned as captains. After that Captain Points are multiplied by the coefficient which equals to the number of matches in timetable but can not be more than 5. Thus, if the number of matches is more than 5, coefficient would be still 5. After that this result is compared with the sum of all points of your virtual team. Best of the two results are recognized in all tournaments. Thus, users who can not play every day, will be able to compete with the rest. Suppose you can not buy or sell players in the next 3 days. Then you just pick in your team the most promising players from each of the next days.

FTBL Championship

In FTBL Championship, best Fantasy Football managers of 7 leagues compete with each other. In each league, 16 managers are playing during the season of 30 game days on the double round-robin basis. Details...

Chargeable tournaments


There are chargeable tournaments in which players play with their own money against each other.

Types of chargeable tournaments

Chargeable tournaments are divided into voluntary and mandatory. The last include only one - two-day Best manager tournament with 5.5 Reals bet. It is attended by everyone who has enough money. It's not a blind toss. Participants are divided into groups of 18 accounts, depending on the places in the overall Best manager standings. The first 18 form the group 1, etc. If the tournament starts after the 10th of current month, the results come from the current month. If before - the previous one. The top 9 participants in each group receive 10 euro. Others - nothing. If the group is smaller than 18 with an even number of participants then exactly half of the players gets 10. If the number of participants is odd, it is split in half and the result is rounded down.

You can refuse to participate in the two-day Double tournament by clicking the special button (at the Forum, in the left column). But by clicking it you lose the right to receive prizes in Reals in the Super League, FTBL Championship and winnings bigger than 5 Reals in the SuperCup. These prizes will be paid in playmoney at the rate 100,000 PM for 1 Real.

Please note: Restrictions for prizes in Reals apply to all who by the time of the start of the SuperCup or FTBL Championship did not take part in the Double-tournament, even if he had not pushed aforementioned button.

 Voluntary tournaments:

  1. One-day Best Manager with 5 reals bet
  2. Two-day Best Manager with 5 reals bet
  3. Two-day Best Manager with 10 000 PM bet
  4. Two-weeks Basic Tournament with 5 reals bet
  5. Weekly Basic Tournament with 3 euro bet
  6. Weekly Best Manager tournament with with 3 euro bet
  7. Weekly  Predictor with 3 euro bet
The distribution of the prize fund

Fee for participation in tournaments is 15 percent of the ticket price (except for the tournament with a rate of 5.5 euros). This number is subtracted from the sum of all tickets in the group. The distribution of the prize depends on the size of the group.

  • 2 players - winner takes all
  • 3 to 6 participants - who took the first two places were obtained respectively 65 and 35 percent
  • 7 to 9 - took the first three places receive respectively 50 , 30 and 20 percent
  • 10 or more participants - the first four were obtained respectively 40, 30 , 20 and 10 percent of the prize fund

If any of the groups consists of only one player's accounts, the draw will be declared invalid and the bets will be returned.

What can I do if I still have questions?

Just ask your questions – customer support and experienced players will be happy to help you.


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